How  can you help me ?

We will help your organization to find right candidates to work in your company.


Have you got any experience in recruiting staff from Poland ?

Yes we have been recruiting staff from Poland since 2013 mainly to the UK but also to other countries like Ireland, Austria.

We know what we are doing trust us.


How much will I have to pay ?

You will pay one -off fee per person. We are not expensive but we know that finding a person with good English/German skills is not easy.


What if a person leaves after 2 days ?

We have a rabate structure in our contract and all of our clients are very happy with it. 


Do I need to provide candidates with accommodation ?

Yes because they could not afford to pay for themselves.

The common practise is to do not charge candidates up front for accommodation but to deduct it from their first salary. Sometimes the deposit is spread over a few salaries also


Do I pay for the service up front ?

No you do not.


What now ?

Send us email on contact(at)cekalrecruitment.co.uk and ask us for T&C


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